AKA: Chuckilupo or Choccy pronounced (Chalk-ee), Chuckles, & Chuckweiser. Replay Rigano is a new one.
Inventor of the slow motion internet surf video replay
Slings boards out of Catalyst
Home Town: Huntington Beach, CA
Height: 5’7″-9″/ Weight: 175-200

Chuckilupo officially turned Pro September 26th 2009 after winning 20 bucks in the Jim Beam tag team event in Ventura. Then won $100 in the following Jim Beam event….and a case of Jim Beam Whiskey, which he shared with everyone he knew for a week or two.
Favorite Surfer: “Occy… who the fuck else?” or “Wardo, if he was a goofy foot”. “Davo too.”

OLD Results: (Chucky hasn’t entered an event in a while, he took some time off to focus on partying and getting clips. Now he’s training to surf contests again in late 2011-2012)

4th US Champs 06
1st WSA Creek 1/7/07
2nd WSA Ponto 07
2nd WSA HB 07
9th Notion Pro-AM HB 07
Made 5 WSA Open Mens finals in a row, winning the last 3 events at Ventura, HB, and Santa Cruz.
– 1st Place The Lane April 2006
– 2nd Place Salt Creek
– 2nd Place Topanga
– 4th Place Pismo
– 1st Place Ventura
– 1st Place HB

Beat Tom Curren in a heat in Manhattan Beach (Chucky 2nd, Curren 3rd), then got smoked by Curren in the next heat as Curren went on to win the event.