AKA: Yomo
Height: 6'0"/ Weight: 170
Home town: San Clemente, Ca
Favorite ...Lost Model: Mini Driver
World Rank: 53
Has a better mustache than you...even when it's shaved off.
Instagram: nateyeomans

Recent News:
Yeomans just started surfing on ...Lost surfboards again about 2 months ago. Back in February, he finished 4th at the volcom Pipe Pro and is now sitting at number 53 in the world.

Back in 2009 Nate won the Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz which solidified his spot on the WCT, but thanks to the mid year tour chop he only got to surf five events.

Wildcard into the 2003 Mundaka WCT event. He eliminated Andy Irons in the first round.

Above Photo: Corey Wilson