Hydroflex surfboard design is based on the patented 3D-glassing process. This unique 3-dimensional bonding structure is used to glass our boards, which multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. Delamination is eliminated by anchoring the laminate into the foam core, creating a board with superior performance and responsiveness. 

The quality and durability of hydroflex glassing is supported by the use of certified glass material on all Hydroflex premium-glass engineered models. By passing these certification measures, the engineered glass in every board is the highest quality material you’ll find. Combined with the creative innovation of our 3 glassing options, Hydroflex is excited to produce the most cutting-edge glass jobs on the market.











THE LIGHTEST: Hydroflex TEAM glass is our lightest surfboard on the market. Unparalleled in the industry for lightest weight of board, Hydroflex uses epoxy construction in order to create extremely light boards for maximum performance. Using Hydroflex 3D-lamination glassing and vacuum bagging, these boards impress with their light airiness while still maintaining an unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio.


THE STANDARD: Hydroflex APEX applies our 3D-lamination glassing and vacuum bagging technology to create the ‘standard’ builder construction used on every stock board we produce. The new APEX model boasts a supreme strength-to-weight ratio, meeting the demands of your every day rider. These boards present the best of both worlds—surfers looking for a high strength board combined with the lightness for high-performance.



THE STRONGEST & MOST DURABLE: Hydroflex DURA-X glass incorporates a double layer of APEX 3D-lamination glassing and vacuum bagging technology with epoxy construction, producing a board that is the same weight of standard boards on the market but with the added benefit of a stronger construction.



The Carbon 3D surfboard construction features a handshaped stringered PU blank. It is wrapped with a high tech carbon fiber material called TeXtreme®. The hand shaped blank is glassed with our patented 3D-Glassing™ Technology, rooting fiberglass and resin into the foam for a stronger bond. The Carbon 3D boards are very light weight and responsive with a very responsive flex.

A very lightweight, high performance board. The SuperCharger surfboard construction starts with a hand shaped stringerless EPS blank. The flex of the board can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of compressed air within the surfboard. When the board is "charged," this also help minimize pressure dings, because of the internal pressure. It comes complete with an adapter and pump that allows you to adjust the pressure of the board which changes the flex. To allow the board to have more flex, you simply press down on the needle in the valve with your finger to release air out. This allows you to find your own optimal level of flex for the conditions, as opposed to boards that do not feature adjustable flex.

The core of the board is made of Varial Foam. It’s not a variation of PU or EPS… it’s an advanced aerospace formula. The strength of Varial Foam eliminates the need for a stringer, carbon graphite strips or any other strengtheners. A more consistent foam formula that gives you a pure and repeatable base to build from while having a uniform density throughout the entire core. The rigidity of the foam makes the board highly responsive as it transfers energy directly through the core to the water’s surface without compromising overall flex. Varial foam also boasts a higher compression to weight strength meaning less pressure dings. The rigidity of the foam makes the board highly responsive as it transfers energy directly through the core to the water’s surface without compromising overall flex. That, combined with 20% more strength and 25% less weight than a stringered PU board is a beautiful thing. Meaning a strong and very durable surfboard.