XTR™ – High end, custom made surfboards that are incredibly strong, light, white and very resistant to dents and dings. They offer very high performance characteristics and feel faster and more responsive than any other custom boards in the market. Absolutely no water is absorbed when dinged and they make a good travel board for that reason. Very popular custom order boards that float and paddle well and have a unique feel with a fast reflex snap under your feet and a quick, responsive,“lively” touch. All XTR boards feature the Trademarked “THERMOVENTS” which eliminate delaminations that lead to creases, breaks and performance failures.

NEW XTR-7 series.

New and improved XTR foam and resin formulas are now more durable and heat resistant up to 175′F. Chose between XTR-7.C, super light.

(4oz. / 4x4oz. “S” glass) or XTR-7.0, durable glass (4 oz. / 6×4 oz.).

All …Lost surfboard models are available for custom order in XTR-7 Series, extreme performance surfboards.