And we are back!
After a lengthy, lazy…and somewhat hazy, break, we have returned. For two and a half months, we’ve made you wait, but to be brutally straight, it’s really quite great.
Episode 6: Good ol’ fashioned surfing flicks, just for kicks.

The action starts back in Hawaii, with Ian Crane and The Cola Brothers thrashing about, out front, along the most famous stretch of sand and reef on Earth. Bouncing between Off The Wall, Backdoor and Pipe, Crane and the Brothers make everything feel fun, easy and all right. Hassling, hollering, hot dogging and even the odd tube hounding, in typical, windswept sloppy, powerful, pounding waves on the apex of the Seven Mile Miracle.

Cant get enough of Crane?
We feel the same.
He’s good for the Brain!
Follow Ian as he heads back to Indonesia, for some truly Macking Mentawais.
Repeatedly rocking his tiny Ca_TwinPin into unpredictable, crazy caverns, making the menacing and difficult look almost easy and enjoyable, with his trademark brand of backhand sorcery.

Going full circle, we wind up back where we began, catching up with Griffin and Kolohe ( with a cameo by Mason)  as they trade off beautiful Backdoor barrels, over reef and a bit of sand. Presented in mind massaging slow motion, allowing us to absorb the minutia of movements required to deftly navigate technical tubes. A relaxing romp, for our weary minds.

Don’t forget the Credits, with all sorts of fun, including Crane and Rasta Rob‘s Hawaii house fun, Griff n little Luke Lopez at Lowers and other tidy tid-bits.

Finally, once and for all, stick around for the bonus section… The obligatory “Girls On Film!”

…No. It’s not a bikini contest.

Matt Biolos