Episode 4: Back for More

Kick off, with Kolohe who channels the wise

words of Tom n George, hand crafting his own garage days creation, to a famously familiar soundtrack, then travels Down Under, to the ubiquitous Morning of the Earth test track, in searingly strong, side shore, sweeping surf.

While Down Under, Kolohe wanders yonder, back for more, ambling along Falzon’s cradle of cultural creation, where he wrestles wild windswept waves with wonder and aplomb.

Staying in the Southern Hemisphere, we hop over and hook up with Michael Rodrigues, brazenly bashing boisterous Brazilian beach breaks and beyond.

We liaise with the lovely Coco Ho, the even lovelier Luke Davis and cute Kirra Pink, who link and lace the long, lavish lines of luscious Central American sub-tropic point breaks.

Arching across the Atlantic, with sweet Luke, back for more, as he heroically hurls himself into angry North African spinning snake pits, wily wrangling the dangerous depths, with the beautiful dexterity of a Desert Fox.

Ride along with Crosby and a Car full of Carrs, on a rambunctious romp, back for more, through barren Baja, with a few barrels and plenty of perils, as the credits roll on by.

There’s more to this that you won’t want to miss…the euphoric bliss of Yago, carving, twisting, slipping sliding, spinning, driving, gouging and gliding-around sunny summer time California.

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