5’5″ 19 1/4…Century | Episode 3: Party Wave

Episode 3: Party Wave

Yago Dora, Noah Beschen, Crosby Colapinto, Ian Crane, Robbie McCormick and Eric Geiselman whip out their fish in far-flung locations around the world. -Yago goes to chilly Chile and surfs himself silly.

-Noah Beschen hits gymnastic heights at Rocky Rights.
-Rasta, EG and Crane tag-team Bali’s most beloved right.
-Crosby puts the “They work in damn-near everything” theory to the test, in bodacious backhand Sumbawan barrels.

Then it’s back home to the USA, as Griffin, Kolohe, and the Reckless Isolation crew surf through and actually score along the American Eastern seaboard, from New Smyrna to New York.

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