Baby Buggy Round Tail Surfboard Review | Noel Salas

“The Lost Baby Buggy is a small wave performance board that was designed for Taj Burrow. I got my hands on two Carbon Wrap stock boards with nearly the exact same dimensions. Both boards are round tails and 1 board has Radiator 4 Channels and the other does not. Channel Board DIMS: 5’7″ x 18.88 x 2.25 Liters 26 Board without Channels: 5’7″ x 18.75 x 2.25 Liters 25.5 I had fun on both boards in 1-5′ waves and the performance level of the Baby Buggy was exceptional to my standards. Both boards had great speed, maneuverability, and were very versatile in all the wave sizes and heights I tested them in. The board without channels felt the best under my feet with just the right amount of control and release with the round tail combination. The board with the Radiator 4 Channels had a little too much traction for my likings in small waves. I think the Radiator 4 channels would go better for me in a Baby Buggy with a squash or swallow tail in small waves. All in all the Baby Buggy is LEGIT in my book as an epic small wave performance board that can do it all. I highly recommend this Baby Buggy in the Carbon Wrap construction for it’s lively feel under foot and extra spring you get in and out of each turn!” -Noel Salas