Our Brazilian surfboard riders Jesse Mendes and David do Carmo both won contests this past week in a Brazilian Blitzkrieg. Jesse won the Maui and Sons Arica World Star Tour in pumping Chilean tubes. He took out Marco Giorgi to earn himself $8,000 US dollars and 750 ASP Qualifying Series points. Down in Brazil David won the second contest in the 2014 Maresia Paulista Professional Surfing series of Brazil. He took down current #4 WQS warrior Wiggolly Dantas to jump up to 2nd place in the Maresia Paulista Professional series ratings.

Jesse inside a draining Arica left.

Jesse and Marco on the podium.

Jesse is really good at getting barreled.

Video Highlights from ASP

David psyching on his win. Looks like he go his hands on a Taj exacta series board. 5’9″ x 18.38 x 2.20 V2 Shortboard.

He also won $8,000.