3/3/15: The grand opening party at the new Catalyst in San Clemente went down last Thursday. We had a few kegs, some cheap wine and a lot of good people to enjoy them with. Located at the “Triangle”, the new shop boasts a “Resinworks” theme complete with resinated floors, resin swirl wall panels and even a resin bucket chandelier. The party also featured …Lost surfboards by the Lucky Bastards, an indoor glassing demo by E-tech, new Mason Ho clips and a live performance by Tunnel Vision. We also gave out a ton of free …lost clothing to the kids. Check out the photos and make sure to check out the shop. Catalyst San Clemente, Raised on Resin since 87′.

IMG_9873The new store is located in what San Clemente locals call “The Triangle”. Basically there are bars and parties all the time. Metal Jimmy stamp of approval.

IMG_9884The store. Those floating resin buckets are actually a chandelier.

IMG_9932Mike Reola and Matt Biolos, and the boardroom.

IMG_9891Live glassing demo from the boys at E-tech.

IMG_9988And then the party started…

IMG_0076The bar.

IMG_0017San Clementes finest.

IMG_9985Ian Crane at the beer pump.

IMG_9902Banzai Bard pouring up some Acai Vodka shots from Banzai Bowls next door.

IMG_9962Andrew Fitzsimmons, Masaki Kobayashi, and Biolos smiling for the camera.

IMG_9964Fake ID check practicing with Colt Ward and Griffin Colapinto.

DavidEconomosSan Clemente up and coming grom David Economos.

IMG_9973Special K with some chick hidden under his shirt.

IMG_9966Raised on Resin since 87′


IMG_0120Watch out were waiting for Tunnel Vision to go on.

IMG_9936Chucky and Metal Jimmy.

GraysonFletcherGreyson Fletcher showed his beard for a little.

IMG_9900Lucky Bastards American edition Couch Potato.

IMG_0015The DJ before Tunnel Vision with his fake joint.

IMG_9991Tunnel Vision.

IMG_9904Scott Russo hanging with Hayden Hanson of Tunnel Vision.

IMG_9887New fin display at the shop.

IMG_9972The Depactus crew came to have a few beers.

IMG_9896Huntington Beach crew. Chucky Rigano, Bud Llamas, Jay Larsen

RickDownesTeamGuyRick Downes and his lady.

IMG_0088The new cashier box.

IMG_6592And the surfboard countertop.


IMG_9989Metal Jimmy serving up a beer for her.

IMG_9950Shaw Kobayashi and Brandon Hawkins.

IMG_9920Couple of the groms got  free boardshorts for coming to the party.

IMG_0080Devon Cooper Striking a pose.

IMG_0140Anastasia and Malia Ward came to check out the party.

IMG_0028Metal Jimmy introduces Tunnel Vision…

IMG_0033With hid patented war cry. Somehow he got everyone to wail with him.

IMG_0130Thunder and Special K feeling it.

IMG_0123Sax player Doug Alani in between songs.

IMG_0050Tunnel Vision.

IMG_9993Bean Dip and Joe Alani.

IMG_0070The store was raging.

IMG_0073Quadruple fisting it.

IMG_9929The front of the store had a bit more of a mellow vibe.

IMG_9943Kei Kobayashi

IMG_0021Randy, Fitzy and Dougie excited for the camera.

IMG_0018A couple ladys admiring the American flag resinwork by the Lucky Bastards.

IMG_0137The Lost crew taking the party out back .

IMG_0003Yeomans and Shaw.

IMG_0116The boys approve of Tunnel Vision.

FullSizeRender-5Nudo and Bailey.

FullSizeRender-6 Nudo’s middle finger and Bailey.

FullSizeRender-8 Hayden and Nudo.