FCS recently released their new FCS II screw-less fin system to the public. Matt Biolos and the team at …Lost surfboards played a substantial role in helping test and develop the new system along with surfers like Kolohe Andino and Taj Burrow. “I love the system. The installation, ease of manufacturing, and ease of use for the surfer is really good. Its all positive from a mechanical, manufacturing, weight, and strength perspective”, says Biolos. Taj Burrow recently won the Hurley Pro at Lowers using FCS II with Medium Accelerators. You can order any custom …Lost surfboard with the new system. And in case you have a favorite set of the regular FCS fins you can’t part with, don’t fret because the new system still allows you to use them. Here’s a few video clips below of Kolohe and Julian doing their thing riding Mayhem shaped boards and using the FCS II system.

Taj and his winning board/fin combination. Photo: surfermag.com/Glaser

Thruster – FCS II with Medium Accelerators. Photo: surfermag.com/Glaser