From Mayhem’s Blog: This has been a fun project and I am pretty happy with the end result. Wade and his team have been easy to work with, receptive to all my input and design ethos, and did a great job executing the product. The eyewear is high quality with a subdued, wearable, style that we are confident certain people will really dig. The hype up is below….


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., (February 7, 2013) – FILTRATE EYEWEAR is proud to announce a collaboration eyewear piece with legendary San Clemente shaper Matt Biolos (a.k.a. Mayhem) to hit select retailers by mid February.

Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, co-founder of …Lost Enterprises, has over 25 years of influential surfboard shaping and design. Filtrate couldn’t be more proud to team up with Matt on designing a range around his talents as a master craftsman.

Filtrate Eyewear’s co-founder and CEO Wade Sutton says, “After the excitement around our first colab with Hollywood’s Proper Barbershop, our goal is to continue to align our handmade Classics Collection around master craftsmen; this is where Mayhem stands alone. We are all extremely excited to see what our creative minds will come up with working together.”

Filtrate Eyewear’s handmade, acetate, Classics Collection is inspired by our everyday working class hero. Every piece in the collection is handcrafted in a time consuming process that ensures a premium finish and personalized touch. It is a long process to develop a new style and we are excited about the new partnership with Mayhem.

Stated by Matt Biolos, “The fact that Filtrate takes the initiative to support and celebrate the craftsman and artist… and not [just] the athletes or rock stars, is unique and original in the world of eyewear. I am excited and proud to be working with them on a collaboration of design and product, and can’t wait to see the final outcome of what we can create together.”

The Filtrate x Mayhem collaboration piece will be available in 3 color ways – Black/Yellow-clear with a grey lens; Brown Candy with a bronze lens; and a Blackwood in a RAW acetate finish with a grey lens that coincides with our RAW Collection.The RAW Collection is an all-new range that is handmade using the highest quality acetate frames and superior optical lenses. RAW’s unfinished acetate takes the traditional matte-finish look and goes one step further. Each RAW piece is unique; like a snowflake, no two are exactly the same. The RAW Collection is hand-finished to make each piece unique and gives each sunglass its own character.

The FILTRATE x MAYHEM collaboration sunglass will arrive in select retailers starting next week.

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