Firewire Launches the V2 Rocket

Firewire Launches the V2 Rocket
Designed by Matt Biolos

Firewire is happy to announce the release of the V2 ROCKET designed by Matt Biolos, extending the lineup of Mayhem boards available in Firewire’s proven technologies. The V2 ROCKET has a bit less tail rocker, with less concave through the fins, which creates a faster rail-line under foot. Matt deepened the concave out of the tail as well to add sensitivity and performance. The soft wing helps retain the quick redirection off the top and lends more control in the bowl. The nose rocker is kicked up more in the first 12” and the concave is brought further forward as well. Overall, it’s an easier board to ride for an average surfer in sub-par waves and it has more down the line drive and a bit less skateboard kick-tail feel. A versatile hybrid that has all the bells and whistles to be ridden aggressively on smaller days.

“The Lost Rocket proved to be a pivotal board in the history of our brand and its influence on the surfboard world is something we are very proud of,” explains Matt Biolos. “The various offspring we created from the design are some of the most popular boards in our fleet. The V2, a refined version of the original Rocket has been a favorite and we are completely stoked and flattered that Firewire has collaborated with us to launch it in their Futures Shapes Technology. The results are impressive!”

The V2 ROCKET is currently delivering to retail in Firewire’s Future Shapes Technology (FST) in AUS and US markets. Additional
markets to follow.


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