IN FASHION: Portugal Edition

Mason Ho and Chris Ward recently crossed a little pond we call the Atlantic to compete in the ASP Prime Cascais Pro in Portugal. The boys didn’t exactly get the results they were looking for and the waves didn’t exactly look like P-Pass but who’s complaining when you get to travel and surf and enjoy the weather. Speaking of weather, this time of year in Europe (and America) is perfect for wearing our Fall and Holiday lines of clothing. Here’s a pictorial on the …Lost clothing they were wearing during their misadventure to Portugal. To find out where to get these items go to our Dealer List.

Mason Ho checking the surf and keeping the wind off his back in the “…Lost At Sea” jacket and “Shortbus” hat.

Mason likes the green color-way.

Who says Chris Ward isn’t prepared? Here he is stretching before his heat in the blue “…Lost At Sea” jacket.

“…Lost At Sea” jacket in blue color-way.

Ward’s Portugal contest quiver consisted of a board shaped for Julian Wilson, a board shaped for Kolohe Andino and a board shaped for Mick Fanning. Here he opts for the Julian board. The jacket actually belongs to him. Same with the top-siders and socks combo.

His non-contest quiver consisted of this …Lost Hesher Metal Cruiser. Which he used as his transportation to and from his hotel and the contest site. Who needs a rent-a-car when you can skate?

To complete his quiver he actually brought a board that was shaped for him. A 6’2 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 Maurice Cole. He’s wearing the …Lost “Threesome” tee.

Simon Anderson would surely like this tee.

Mason waxing up his “V2-Shortboard” with diamond tail for a test run at the contest venue of Carcavelos Beach.

Pat Gudauskas, Nate Yeomans and Mason Ho discuss the somewhat dismal conditions on hand and Mason’s signature traction pads.

The streets of Cascais were not designed for your suburban.

Mason doing a double check and wave check at Carcavelos in his …Lost “Freemont Fleece” hoody.

“Freemont Fleece” in army color-way.

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 2.53.48 AM
The waves, for the most part, where either small and rainy or big and stormy. Here’s Mason hoping to sneak his way through some Portuguese traffic.

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 2.47.38 AM
In between the chaos Mason carves a clean line.

Mason chomping on what the Portuguese call a crepe in his “…Lost At Sea” jacket. We were calling it an ice cream burrito.

Mason in his “No Brainer” jacket looking somewhat intimidated with the Chicken & Waffles he ordered in Newark on his way to Portugal.

…Lost “No Brainer” windbreaker jacket. Also comes in grey, royal blue and red color-way.

Chris and Mason exploring the Portuguese coast. Wardo’s wearing the “Freemont Fleece” jacket and the new “Pull On” pants. Mason’s in the …Lost “Endless” jacket.

Here’s the “Pull On” pants in army color-way.

These aren’t your gandpa’s pants.

Mason all smiles cuz his heads warm in his …Lost “Additive” beanie.

The main break at Ericeira. In 2002 Chris Ward won the O’neill Pro ASP 6 Star (equivalent to a Prime event today) at this same break.

Grilled squid.

When the waves aren’t that good you tend to check it a lot. Here’s Mason getting a better look out from some old bunker. Those are also his new signature shoes from Etnies he’s wearing – “The Scout”.

The ASP Prime Cascais Pro.

A cherry flavored liquor called A Ginjinha. Two of these and you’ll be sick.

A lovely local enjoying the beach.

That’s all folks…