Here’s a little interview with Joe Alani and Daniel Shea – the makers of “Here Today… Gone To Cabo” – from issue #27 of Ghetto Juice Magazine. You can find the magazine all over Orange County but the video is for sale at your local …Lost dealer. Complete with never before released Chris Ward and Mason Ho double bonus sections. To find where to buy CLICK HERE. What the interview below doesn’t show is that it took us a little more prodding to get Daniel to go. We even told him he’d only have to drive down with Ward and then we’d fly him back. He had his ticket home but once Ward saw the Hurricane coming he kinda thought it would be a good idea if Daniel went back with him too. Lets just say he can be very persuasive when he wants to be. He was right… he’s always right, even when he’s wrong.



What happens in Cabo doesn’t always stay in Cabo. For the crew at …Lost it’s turned into their newest movie “Here Today… Gone To Cabo”. The surf flick is rad with good flow and classic adventures, including mishaps, drunken slurs and all out raging in Cabo. There’s also some fine surfing by Mason Ho, Wardo and Matt King (who put in the performance of his life). The film’s in surf shops everywhere and you’ve got to check it out. We recently caught up with …Lost’s Daniel Shea and Joe Alani to talk about their latest flick and here’s how the words flowed from their mouths…

Ghetto Juice: …Lost films have always had that reality feel to ’em… is that the case with Here Today Gone To Cabo?
Joe Alani: Yeah there’s definitely a reality feel to this one. That’s always been our whole philosophy: just keep the camera rolling and these guys will make it happen. Chris is always going to do something, ya know, you’ve got to make sure to keep the camera on.

Ghetto Juice: Describe the new film…
Joe Alani: It’s our little adventure with guys like Chris Ward, Mason Ho and Matt King. It’s a dose of reality and surfing and fun all at the same time. We try to keep it fun and show the reality of surfing and how these guys are always on adventures.

Ghetto Juice: How’d you get Daniel Shea involved?
Joe Alani: D Shea had been working with us a little bit, and this was kind of like “initiation by fire” so to speak. Chris was like, “Hey, I’m driving down to Cabo and I want someone to come with me and document the whole thing” and Daniel was into it and drove down and documented it all.

Ghetto Juice (to D.Shea): How stoked were you to get the call to go on a surf trip with Chris Ward? Where you scared?
Daniel Shea: I was stoked at first, but also hesitant because I’ve seen all the old …Lost movies and what he can do. But he was really nice and we had a really good time, like watching Mason Ho in the contest, partying and scoring Hurricane swell on the way back. Joe’s best advice for me was to keep the camera rolling, “just don’t stop.” Most people stop filming at the end of every wave, but Wardo, like he’d kick out and I’d just pan over and there’s Kinger in the barrel for the two best clips of the movie!