As seen in Ghetto Juice issue #27, Kei Kobayashi won both the mens and junior divisions of the 1st annual San Miguel Open in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. We did not even know there was still a competition at San Miguel since the last QS’ event was held there a few years ago. As a matter of fact neither did Matt King and lucky for Kei that he didn’t because Kinger has a knack for surfing in Baja. In 2002 Matt King won the 1 star Squalo Mexican Surf Fiesta at San Miguel and in 2005 he finished 3rd to Chris Ward at the No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta at San Miguel. In more recent history Kinger put on a performance of a lifetime all over the Baja peninsula in the latest …Lost surf movie HERE TODAY GONE TO CABO. Congratulations Kei on beating your older brother and becoming the third …Lost rider to win a comp at San Miguel. Shaw has his own surfboard model, the “Short Round”, but Kei has the championship rings.

Also on the same page is a write up about Maurice Cole’s stay and collaboration with Mayhem in California. Maurice goes on to explain how his new designs influenced by hydrofoils in modern sailing have been working for Ward at 10-12 foot second reef pipe. In Chris Wards words, “I freefall in, land on the edges, and I just come out of the tube.”




Where has Metal Jimmy been ? In the Juiced section of Ghetto Juice Magazine of course. He seems to resemble the elusive Sasquatch seen on our Spring 14′ “Mysterio Tee”,  so we mocked up a similar tee.  Which one is better ? We can’t decide.

jimmy vs mysterio tee