Video by Noah & Joe Alani

SUB-SCORCHER II: A fresh twist to the extremely popular Sub Scorcher. I started making squash tail versions of this one just for friends and a lot of WQS warrior/team riders, and it then gained popularity among the So- Cal custom order crew simply by word of mouth. The premise is simple: We removed all off the Sub-Scorchers trademark ¼”vee from the last 6” of the tail (we increasing the rocker about 1/8” and lowering the rail-line 1/8”). This loosens up the board, to better allow a more vertical and in the pocket attack. At the same time to counter any possible loss of drive we straightened the outline with a touch wider nose. We have played with a myriad of tail shapes. DW-Swallow: The straight lines of the tails adds drive and the swallow adds bite in turns. Diamond: Julian’s choice for more precision turning on his 5’7” 19.25” 2.32” and even a “Butt” tail for Kolohe’s 5’6” 19.50 2.32”. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the two above mentioned surfers was the major inspiration in releasing this latest incarnation of the Sub-Scorcher. The overall volume is similar to the original, but the thickness flow has been held further forward to allow it to be ridden very short. All these subtle changes add up to a board that features extremely effective use of rocker, foil and rail line in a small package. In spite of the Pros being so involved in the development of this design, it is actually a great “everyman’s” small to average wave short-board, with a relatively pulled in/pointed nose, in place of full nose hybrid or traditional fish type design. – Matt Biolos

Stock Dimensions

5’6 19 2.25 25.8
5’7 19.13 2.25 26.5
5’8 19.25 2.32 27.8
5’9 19.38 2.32 29.2
5’10 19.5 2.38 29.9
5’11 19.75 2.38 30.8
6’0 20 2.44 32.2
6’1 20.25 2.5 34
6’2 20.5 2.56 35.7
6’3 20.75 2.63 37.7
6’4 21 2.66 39.1
6’6 21.5 2.75 42.5
6’8 21.5 2.88 45.8