…Lost has recently teamed up with E-Tech Surfboards. Check out this short video of E-Tech co-founder Ryan Harris describing the boards and demonstrating their glassing techniques during the recent Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach. Notice they’re glassing them in the open and without masks… cuz there’s no fumes! Then watch Ian Crane take one of the boards for an afternoon spin at Lowers. Video + edit by Sarah Sloan. See below for more info on E-Tech Surfboards. Complete description of technology coming soon.

E-Tech Boards are different: they are environmentally friendly … and they work. Created by Ryan Harris and Todd Patterson. We strive to create boards with the most sustainable materials. With this goal at the core we have achieved multiple construction methods that utilize various plant based and bio materials to make the most environmentally responsible boards without sacrificing performance. E-Tech boards use up to 70% less fiberglass than industry standard surfboards. All boards are glassed using the only USDA certified bio epoxy on the planet…Super Sap from Entropy Resins. Bio plastic leash plugs, handles, recycled or recyclable foam, suistainably harvested wooden stringers, or bamboo stringers and bamboo veneers are some of the other materials we use to name a few.