…Lost Enterprises
July 10, 2012: San Clemente CA… USA

For Immediate release: WARd STORIES -The Mini Series launches globally Friday, July 13th 2012 on exclusive websites via lost.tv

“Airplanes are his nightclubs, layovers are his after-parties and cars are his bars.”
From grom phenom and video sensation, to the leading free surfer of his generation, to a stint as a World Tour competitor… tall tales of radical, rowdy and ridiculous exploits have followed Chris Ward.
-He accrues ASP fines faster than prize money.
-He once missed the same heat… Twice
-He once showed up to a contest on time… just to see how it feels.
-He once stayed in at night… just to see how it feels.
He IS “The Most Interesting Surfer in the World”

Featuring footage gathered over an entire career, with candid interviews and testimonials of tumultuous turmoil. Through the eyes of the dozens people who “know” him best, we will attempt to unravel the myth, the mystery, the misery, the highs and the lows wherever Chris goes…

WARd STORIES -The Mini Series: Debuts globally on Friday, July 13th and will continue until every “Tall Yet True Tale” is told… or until he goes full Charley Sheen on us.

It’s brought to you by…Lost (and it’s non-fic-tion)