The Marvelous Miss Moore..Magnificent in Morocco


“The three-time women’s world champ ditches the contest jersey and goes off the grid for an exotic surf adventure in Israel and Morocco.

Carissa Moore meanders through a crowded souk in Taghazout, Morocco, bouncing about the marketplace maze, taking in its offerings. Leather jackets, exotic spices, fruits and veggies, live chameleons — sensory overload. That’s a feeling that is tough to come by for a seasoned globetrotter and three-time world champ.

A standard year on the women’s world tour is 10 taxing events over four continents spanning nine months — a constant blend of airport terminals, rental cars, foreign foods and jet lag to boot. That said, Moore and the rest of the top 22 rarely get the opportunity to mix it up and venture somewhere new. The events rarely change, and routine gets results. There’s rarely time to explore.

For Moore, it’s the downtime from the tour that brings opportunity to grow — time to spend on the betterment of both herself and the world around her. A chance to leave her comfort zone and add a new stamp to the passport.” -REDBULL