Mason and Burger’s US Open party was held last Saturday at the Black Bull, downtown Huntington Beach. We had a sneak peek showing of clips from Mason Ho’s upcoming movie and a live performance from San Clemente’s Tunnel Vision along with too many drinks. Check out the pictures. Special thanks to Arnette for teaming up with us on the event.

IMG_1773It all started with some appetizers.

IMG_1784Kinger went with the Neon Cabo outfit.

IMG_1790Burger was stoked that Kinger made it out to the party.

IMG_1791A few Pacifico representatives were at the party demonstrating the proper sequence of a body shot. This is the salt…

IMG_1793So, first, you lick it off me…

IMG_1797Then you suck some lime out of my mouth..

IMG_1796And then I take the shot !

IMG_1788The Arnette Crew + Burger and Joe Alani striking a pose.

IMG_1798Cheyne Magnusson , Brittany and Will.

IMG_1807HB local Jesse Evans was a bartender for the event. He was killing it all night for the boys.

IMG_1812Devon Cooper broke another bone.

IMG_2011Keala Naihe enjoying a Stella Artois.

IMG_1817Kinger managed to scape someones leftovers during the party.

IMG_1820Burger was letting all the ladies know they had to work for thier drink tickets.

IMG_1821She says piss off Burger !

IMG_1825Thats cool he’ll talk to some other chicks.

IMG_1827And lay his head to rest on her bosoms.

IMG_1829Jonah Morgan, Uncle Mike and the Hawaiian contingency.

IMG_1830Kinger giving our video intern a few tips on how to film parties.

IMG_1834Two pyschos. Metal and Burger.

IMG_1837Burger introducing the bar to the sneak peek of Mason’s new movie. “Bah, you all shut up and watch Masons new clip!”

IMG_1842Mason may or may not have landed this. Unless you were there, you’ll have to wait until his new MHovie comes out.

IMG_2026The sneak peek clip premiered right in front of a mechanical bull.

IMG_1867Lost team riders Jimmy Pitts and Matt King. Aka Metal Jimmy and Kinger.

IMG_1857The cops showed up…


…just as Ryan Sheckler was handing out beers to Tunnel Vision.

IMG_1903Jacob of Tunnel Vision

IMG_1869Hayden, Sheckler, and TMZ Max getting the show started.

IMG_1905Tunnel Vision !

IMG_1939Random chick photo.

IMG_1914Tunnel Vision rockers.

IMG_1918Their music is a mix between ska and punk making for a sick live performance.

IMG_1911Black Bull’s music venue.

IMG_1913This chick was super into it .

IMG_1892Burger crowd swimming.

IMG_1897Chris Lomenzo and Clay Crandal ordering up the camera guy a shot of Jameson.

IMG_1889Burger mid-party mid-tee change.

IMG_1896Koa Rothman showed up and surprised Burger.

IMG_1953Mason ordering a few shots …

IMG_1926…and getting them into the right person’s hands. Some chicks…

IMG_1933…and Rusty Long. Classic.

IMG_1951Mason, Clay and Rusty post shot interview.

IMG_1927Alex Gray and Metal Jimmy discussing big wave surfing.

IMG_1974There was a mechanical bull for those who dared to hold their liquor.

IMG_1959And Poopies was in the bathroom cleaning up.


IMG_1919Dougie Van Mierlo and a rather intoxicated looking Shaw Kobayashi.

IMG_1950Recently relocated Florida transplant Stephen Koltenbach aka “Special K” surfing the bull.

IMG_1963South African’s Beyrick De Vries and Dale Staples all about the shot with Mason.

IMG_1969Our new graphic designer Jeremy being resourceful with lighting up.

IMG_1971Newport’s Christian Comet with his booth of ladies.

IMG_2021Burger , Keala Naihe and the HB connect Billy Hopkins.

IMG_2005Walker had to walk his lady home.

IMG_2034Tanner of Tunnel Vision ending the night.

IMG_1955Thanks for having us Black Bull.


This Friday night, August 1st from 5 PM – 10 PM at the Black Bull Chop House in downtown Huntington Beach …Lost and Arnette (in conjunction with Bliss Magazine) present Mason and Burger’s Black Bull Blowout. Doors open at 5 PM and at 8 PM we’re going to have a special sneak peek showing of clips from Mason Ho’s upcoming movie and a live performance from San Clemente’s Tunnel Vision. Plus as an extra bonus there’s “Burger’s Mechanical Bull Riding Contest” – ride the mechanical bull for …Lost + Arnette giveaways. It’s all ages until 10 PM with happy hour drink + food specials during the party. $4 wells, $3 domestic draft beers, $4 imports, $5 house wines, $5 pizzas and appetizers.

Black Bull Chop House
300 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 969-6700