Mason and Michael Ho have been selected as alternates (1st & 3rd) in the 2013/2014 In Memory of Eddie Aikau at Waimea Bay. The waiting period starts December 1st and ends February 28th. The waves have to be at least 20ft. Let’s hope for some bombing swells and that they both get in and become the first father/son duo to compete in the prestigious invite only event. We’re still trying to figure out why Michael was dropped from the invite list. He’s the only man still regularly surfing big waves that actually knew and surfed with Eddie Aikau. He’s also finished in the top ten of every past running of the contest. Mason’s been putting in some time at the Bay the last couple winters and he’s proven, like his father and uncle before him, that he’s comfortable in every size and ocean condition you can throw at him. Check the video of Mason surfing Waimea below. For more on the contest and their profiles go to QUIKSILVERLIVE.COM/EDDIEAIKAU

Mason Ho at Waimea Bay. Photo: SURFLINE.COM/Paul Barcellos