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North Shore wild child Mason Ho has been racking up web clips at an alarming rate this past year. So in celebration of “Arnette Week” here on we decided to ask Mas what his favorite 10 were…sorry we didn’t include the one of him surfing naked.

Mack South (mho) from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

10. “Mack South” was a lot of fun because it was the biggest South swell I’ve got to see as an elder grom. Ala Moana Bowl was cranking. I seen a couple waves break over the buoy you line up with and I remember hearing stories of dad jumping off it into bombs back in the day, so I tried but I guess the buoy is in a different spot then back in the day. It was impossible and I almost died in the process. Then we went to China Walls… of death.

Dads Are BarrelKillaz from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

9. “Dads are Barrel Killaz” that’s why they make babies, because Dad and Uncle Derek ride the barrel so good. Maybe 10 more years of straight barrel riding and I’ll have a big sack full of 24K semen like them.

Mrs. Mute (mho) from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

8. “Mrs. Mute” was a cool vid because there is a couple different lines in there. My fav part of this seg that not too many people know is that I rubber neck this hot chick on a wave and I ended up meeting her and she was SUPER COOL. Talented as well.

Free Love (mho) from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

7. “Free Love” is funny cuz I’m out me mind… like deep meditation kind HA. These 3 days were really fun! I remember Christian Fletcher gave me his “Skull Christian Fletcher shirt” on 1 of these nights partying at Pipeline and I instantly thought I wanna get a seg with that shirt and his song from Wave Warriors. I found his song and it was WAYYYY to hard core for my little yellow board & short john.

CaliforniaLove from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

6. “California Love” isn’t too bad. The beginning clips are recent and ok but then it’s hard for me to watch that old footage of myself towards the end at Lowers and T street. I’m going like 2 miles per hour (my worst nightmare). Joe Alani said he liked the footage so we threw it on the net.

Fernanchi Pt.1 from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

5. “Fernanchi Pt. 1″ Love this one. I never really thought the wave was real when I first paddled out because of all these random rocks and current pulling into them. Fernando De Noronha is a small island and I didn’t want to see and surf with all the narcs. So I tried to force this little wedge into something. All of sudden the tides would hit right and I completely fell in love. Rory mad dogged all these angles that made it look better for sure.

Fernanchi Pt. 2 from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

4. “Fernanchi Pt. 2″ makes it in because we got evidence that I can actually make a heat. SO WEIRD, I know I’m disgustingly competitive and been doing contests since i was 6 but I seem to have such SHIT luck in heats. Don’t get me wrong I know I’m kinda a kook but you should see these guys I lose to. HAAAA!!!!!!

Northern Tip (mho) from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

3. “Northern Tip” I think this is my fav one because it’s 2 days in a row of totally different sized waves. First day I used a brand new 5’6″ Mini Driver at Rocky Point. The next day was kinda perfect Pipe and Backdoor. Another reason why it’s my fav is because when I was deciding what board to use with Uncle Derek I asked if i should use my new 5’9″ or my 7’0″ and he was like “uhhh, its bigger than you think…”. Then Kai Borg said something from the side about how I’d not catch too many waves and get pounded out there on a 5’9″. That got me way too amped, I just grabbed my 5’9″ while Uncle Derek started laughing. Thanks Uncle D and Uncle Kai!

Tru Blu (mHo) from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

2. “Tru Blu”. I like this one because we screwed all these clips up with color. Kinda looks like a psychedelic 3rd grader made it but whatevs. I also remember Joel Tudor telling me he enjoyed this one and he taps guys out.

1. “3days @ Rocky Point”. Wouldn’t say this is my absolute fav vid but it feels like I have to put it on top. Mostly because this is the first 3 days Rory & I ever filmed together. Then The ultimate Mack Dane Reynolds put it on his website and made it look cooler. Thanks dane!!!!!!