“Matt Biolos is a long way down the road from fronting his own punk band, named Mayhem Ordinance, getting a start behind the planer with the man behind Astrodeck and the Wave Warriors videos, Herbie Fletcher, and his first board, “The Ratz Ass” but in a world where the high performance shortboard has been the entry point for most shapers, you get the feeling it’s where fate and his own evolution eventually brought him around to instead.

Not many shapers making boards for the elite of the competitive ranks boasts such a diverse range of creations in their catalogue, and while producing finely tuned weapons for the likes of Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright, Kolohe Andino, Taj Burrow, Joan Duru, Griffin Colapinto, Yago Dora……(the list is long) you get the feeling he gets just as much satisfaction putting some radical new theory or idea into practice and finding it makes riding shitty waves way more fun than ever before.

As radical as his designs are the surfers that worked with him as test pilots over the years, guys like Chris Ward, Stride Wazilewski, the Lopez brothers, Shane Beschen, Taj and continuing to this day with everyone’s favourite to watch do his thing, Mason Ho.

No doubt all parties involve would attest the benefits of the interactions, or more-so, relationships totally mutually beneficial and essential in their careers. Throw in with that some of the best edits and video’s over the years via the likes of The Lost Tapes, with music to match and the whole Matt Biolos/Lost Surfboards story is a life and a movie in itself, still being written with more story lines and cameo appearances to come.

Two things guaranteed, it’s never gonna be boring…….. and the soundtrack will be a pisser!” 

-Stacked Lines