Photo: Laserwolf


Who are we to take up your precious time, or that of a travelling pro? For it is time, or lack there of, that is our most precious currency, followed closely by social media. When it comes to finding out what the big dogs think about love, money, booze and drugs, you want answers, and you want them now. You want honesty, and off-the-cuff remarks. You want them to simply, Push Send.


1. My full name is… Mason James Kaohelaulii Ho.
2. But I also respond to… Naked Mase.
3. My actual age is… 25
4. But most people think I am… 7
5. I currently reside… North Shore, Oahu.
6. But I’d prefer to live in… North Shore, Oahu.
7. Surfing is… Beautiful and sick.
8. Money is… For your friends.
9. I became emotional when… I want to do three turns on a wave.
10. I’ve always wanted to… Make everyone happy.
11. Love is… So cool.
12. Drugs are… So strong.
13. Fashion is… Hendrix.
14. The only purpose alcohol serves is… Realness.
15. My dream job is… Surfing.
16. I have never told my parents… Bad words.
17. I secretly love… All girls.
18. There is nothing I hate more than… Being mean.
19. I become panicked when… I think of shitty waves. But then again, I love shitty waves.
20. The last time I checked I was… Totally not groovy, but I love the groovy people.
21. I will always regret… Cutting holes in expensive sail boats.
22. One thing people don’t know about me is… I will love you. Doggy style or whateverrrr.

Photo: Tom Carey