South Swell Board Test | Proformance Series


For professional surfers, Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos’ magic wands are amongst the most sought after in the world. While Mayhem kept his fair market share of the weekend warrior crowd, his heart will forever be in the boards put under the feet of riders like Taj Burrow, Kolohe Andino, Tyler Wright and Carissa Moore. Not to mention the most exciting surfers out of the jersey—Mason Ho, Ian Crane and Luke Davis.

Whilst retro-”inspired” dogs and user-friendly models crowd the racks, Mayhem is doubling down on pure performance. His private, top-shelf offerings are now publicly available: The Pro-Formance Collection is your opportunity to own competition foam.

For the launch of Pro-formance, Mayhem has specialised the logo placement, added linear fade fused carbon tail patches – engineered for impact resistance, precisely where maximum pressure and compression occurs. Tossed the cartoon’s for a sleeker look and switched out model logo’s. Simplified Formula-1 inspired boards. Faster than sonic. An ace up your sleeve that screams tight lines.

Mayhem shaped this series from exact size, weight and dimensions current tour riders are donning. Kolohe Andino’s Sub Drive, Mason Ho’s Pocket Rocket, or the Driver Mick Fanning used at Trestles 2011. These contest sticks are topped with an S Glass cloth on deck, ensuring no administering of heel through deck. Standard weight blanks have been integrated with triple-ply , dyed black, bass wood stringers. No physique workouts required, boards scaled between 19 and 39 litres. For competitive-grade foam, head here.

**Sponsor’s sticker’s not included; you’ll have to earn those yourself.**  – Coastal Watch

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