The Stab Caddy: Kolohe Andino’s Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy

Kolohe Andino and Matt Biolos talk Carbon Wrap technology with Stab.

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“It’s the ultimate motivator in small waves” Kolohe Andino tellsStab.

Surf tech is changing. As we advance into new designs and materials, today’s surfboard has reached the pinnacle of present day innovation. Not to say that said pinnacle won’t be further heightened.

“The way the carbon comes from the bottom and wraps around the board creates this bend that I can really feel when I hit lip,” says Mr Andino. “The thing that I like about it is when I surfed this really small session at T-Street, I felt like I was surfing as good as I could for my weight and body type in the waves on offer. Whenever the waves are bad, it’s a go to board to make the session fun.”

Kolohe’s Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy is ridden with stock dimensions: 
5’8″ 19.50″ 2.32″ 27.50 L

“The carbon wrap is a technology originally developed in Australia by Daniel Mcdonald,” says the honourary shaper, Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. “It’s a stringer-less epoxy with a carbon fiber exoskeleton. It’s light, has sufficient strength and a lot of pop.”

“The whole magic of it is the wrap,” Matt continues. “It creates a real strategic and focused hinge that has a controlled consistent feel to it. When you ride the board a few times you get used to the way it loads up and springs back. To be honest, I think the average surfer will benefit more from this construction and technology than a professional.” 


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