StabMag Best Surfboard 2019 | Lost Rad Ripper


“1. Lost: Rad Ripper 

Keeping track of all the different models Matt Biolos masterminds ain’t easy, but this year, amongst the Drivers and California Fishes, the Rad Ripper was the board people wanted under their feet the most. If a fundamental tenant of surfing is that it should be fun, that’s exactly what this board delivers. 

Fast, forgiving, and it has all that retro goodness with Biolos’ penchant for modern updates included—most notably, increased tail rocker for more back-foot control and a nice double-barrel concave. 

“As a child of ‘80s surfing, I’ve always been enamored by the ease of use from that era’s performance shortboards,” notes Biolos. “I lowered the entry rocker a bit—for fast paddle, early entry, easy glide and quickness out the gate—and replaced the speed controlling round tail with a wide, planing squash tail.”

As far as sales go, Lost rep and all-around ripper Nate Yeomans noted this was the most sought after in their fleet. 

“The demand for the board’s been solid all year. It’s a great board,” Yeomans says. “There are a lot of models, we introduced some ones that went really well for us, but the Rad Ripper was the one. I don’t know how Matt [Biolos] does it all. It’s pretty incredible.”

The Rad Ripper isn’t the board you’re going to ride at maxing Desert Point…but how often do you ride maxing Desert Point? An ideal go-to board for the everyday sessions when you need a little extra inspiration to get wet, and by our calculations, the best-selling board of 2019. “


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