Stab’s Guest Editor: Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

My relationship with these boys dates back far before Stabeven came to be, and I’ve always felt a strong affinity with what Stab was, is, and what it will be.

Like …Lost, Stab’s beginnings were a special time. It was, as the name originally implied, a stab in the face of the then stale and stagnant surf media world. Taking irreverent, stinging jabs at everything and everyone….while backing it up with creative and even groundbreaking, quality content.

Driven by Sam McIntosh’s surf credibility, and his doggedly determined vision to build a better mag (as well as his then-partner, the brilliant, often fork-tongued Derek Rielly), Stabset the standard for Surf Publications, as the medium itself was rapidly descending into obsolescence.

The first years were rambunctious fun. I became great friends Sam. He almost single handedly persuaded Taj Burrow to come over from Firewire, to ride my boards full-on. Derek pulled some of the best interviews and conversations of my career from me.

But a few years ago, it looked as if the writing was on the wall and magazines were a dying breed. As surf media went digital, Stab again led the way. 

In our biz, quality trumps quantity, and Stab has consistently created the most original, thought provoking, high-quality digital content in the surf world. We trust Stab to tell us the truth, even if it hurts a little. 


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