My personal favorite. While surfing the mushy point and beach breaks of San Clemente, I am always looking for a board that paddles easily, glides across flats, and carves mush, yet still allows vertical turning and snaps in the pocket. Influenced by the jumbo wide tails of 80’s Laser Zap, this board was designed around a modern thickness flow, rails, and bottom curves, but with an extra wide round tail to stay on top of the water. The outline up front is wide and curvy as well. The round tail encourages flowing turns and rolls tight in the pocket. The rocker is low throughout, but with an aggressive acceleration in the tail. The rail rocker “hangs” lower than the center line in the rear half, creating a radically deep concave and curvey rail line through the fins. This makes for extreme lift, and fast tight arc‘d turns out of the tail. The bottom rail is tucked all the way through the fins, so you can get it up on a rail and not slide out too easily. Riding this board is the most fun I have ever had in typical waist to chest high Trestles surf. I couldn’t recommend it more.


5’4 19.50 2.18 (25.7cl)
5’6 19.75 2.25 (27.2cl)
5’8 20.00 2.25 (28.5cl)
5’10 20.25 2.38 (31.5cl)
6’0 20.50 2.50 (34.4cl)
6’2 21 2.63 (38.1cl)
6’4 21.50 2.75 (42.0cl)