The Crowd Killer is a high performance, #hyperfunboard, based off of the Quiver Killer rocker and outline. The idea was to extend it lengthwise and open up this design to a wider audience. It’s a wave catching, easy riding machine that does not skimp on performance.

The Crowd Killer features:

  • A slightly wider, wave catching nose, with a “no pearl” flip tip, allowing the added length to still fit into the curve of waves.
  • A wicked little double bump swallow tail, which feels lively and playful in small surf, yet holds long lines in larger waves.
  • A relaxed and fast central rocker, that glides with ease.
  • Plenty of tail rocker, with deep double concave, for whipping wraps like a pro.
  • New “Hidden Volume” two stage deck line, which focuses the foam toward the stringer and a rapid taper towards the rails. This creates a flat, stable deck, without feeling full or bulbous, and allows sensitive yet forgiving rails.
  • Own the local spot, or piss off locals when you travel with this Crowd Killing machine.


  • Wider at center, with a noticeably pulled in nose and more overall curve in the outline. Less parallel rails and more hip in the tail. The outline changes make for a board that rides more free on the face and is easier to turn up and down the wave without catching the nose.
  • Thicker along the stringer, with more thickness carried forward, but a more defined roll in deck, creating lower volumed, less bulky, more refined, yet still forgiving, rails. The rails feel better in the hand and permeate the waters surface with ease.
  • A slightly relaxed tail rocker, smoothing out the hyper kicked tail that was needed in the first version to free up the parallel outline. New rocker has slightly less nose kick as well. The entire rocker line is smoothed out and blended without extreme flip or kick i nose or tail, to better flow with the new, curvier, outline.
  • Each size now is wider and with a bit more thickness and volume overall, but with more foil and roll in the deck, making for less rails bulk and a great feel in and out of the water.
  • The CROWD KILLER Swallow was always meant to be an aggressively surfed “Mid-Length”. The changes and updates make that easier to do, in both good surf and bad, without reducing the ease of paddling and catching waves in a crowded line up.
  • The stock files were always only available in even sizes. For 2021 Ive added odd sizes to the stock offering.



6’2” 20.25 2.66 35.50
6’4” 20.50 2.70 37.50
6’5” 20.63 2.75 39.00
6’6” 20.75 2.77 40.00
6’7” 20.88 2.80 41.00
6’8” 21.00 2.80 42.00
6’9” 21.13 2.82 43.00
6’10” 21.25 2.88 44.50
6’11” 21.38 2.90 46.00
7’0” 21.50 2.90 47.00
7’1” 21.63 2.96 48.50
7’2” 21.75 2.96 49.50
7’3” 21.88 3.00 51.00
7’4” 22.00 3.03 52.50
7’5” 22.13 3.06 54.00
7’6” 22.25 3.06 55.00
7’7” 22.38 3.06 56.00
7’8” 22.50 3.06 57.00
7’9” 22.63 3.10 58.50
7’10” 22.75 3.10 59.50
7’11” 22.88 3.13 61.00
8’0” 23.00 3.13 62.00