For many of us, the Blunt has been an all time favorite in waist to head high surf. I end up taking mine on work trips to places like Costa Rica and Europe, etc and I know I can feel comfortable in most small surf situations. Often times I end up being in surf that’s just one step (or maybe 2 steps) above what the Blunt excels in, and I wish I had something with a bit more hold and control… without sacrificing the freedom, speed and looseness. Introducing the DBL-BLUNT. Meant to be ridden 1-2” longer than a Blunt. Everything (outline, foil, rocker, etc) the same, except a touch more nose rocker in the front 12” and double bumps added to create significantly less tail area behind the fins. I can still generate speed injunk, but lay down far more critical and precise turns, when going full speed, as well as hold in off the top and bottom on waves up to 3-4’ overhead. Not as gunny or foiled out as The Rock-Up, but more of a one board quiver for a conservative, hybrid loving, surfer who needs something for 3’-8’ surf.