THE DOUBLE UP is for serious surf. Not a typical stock surfboard, but something suited for the custom order clientele, or locations that get consistently heavy surf. A sort of “Domesticated” big wave weapon. First developed for Lewis Samuels, up in San Francisco. After a life time surfing the cold, often giant, beach breaks of Ocean Beach, Lewis knew what he wanted. While hanging at Wise Surfshop, we started with his mid range RockUp, from the year before, and (without adding much width overall) stretched it out to 7’6”. The forward outline was still prevalent, with a wider nose than a stereotypical gun, and the entry rocker still more relaxed. This gives the board a confident glide through the line up and ease of entry into big waves. The concave was shallowed from tip to tail, enabling the board to slice through bumps and feel more neutral underfoot. More speed means less lift needed. We added thickness throughout, but tapered the rails in the perimeter and hid the volume in the center of the deck…up into the nose area as well. The tail rocker is generous suited towards, performance in steep, hollow waves. After getting a handful of “Domesticated Chargers” on to them (and receiving rave reviews from LS, and seeing his exploits from his home in OB to giant Indo and massive Fiji) we knew we were onto something. Now available to anyone with the desire to charge serious surf and the cash to buy one. Don’t expect to see rows of DoubleUps lined up shops, but all
our dealers can accept custom orders.


5’10 18.38 2.25 25.75
6’0 18.50 2.25 26.80
6’2 18.50 2.32 28.30
6’4 18.75 2.38 30.15
6’6 19.00 2.50 32.80
6’8 19.25 2.50 34.15
6’10 19.50 2.53 35.90
7’0 19.50 2.63 37.90
7’2 19.50 2.63 39.00
7’4 19.75 2.63 40.50
7’6 20.00 2.75 43.75