Little guys…(and girls) …or whatever they are comfortable referring to themselves as, really just wanna shred hard.

Never before have some many shred-bot, mini-mighty-mites developed skills beyond basic techniques and are surfing at higher levels, at lower ages in more places, than any time in history. These Pronoun confused children and their more often than not, land-lubbing, Tripod wielding, Sprinter Van swerving, parents deserve better boards, God damn it!

With coastal gentrification running rampant, entire coastal neighborhoods have been transformed to fancy McMansions. Each with a spruced up Sprinter van, filled with the latest electric bikes, mounted with Pre-teen shredders spilling out, like a classic clown car circus. Happy eager little beavers bred to shred. Multitudes of wealthy young adults, migrating to the coast, hoping to jump start their little Pronouns into the best possible Pro-Surfing nursery program. Highly motivated to get their youngsters off the football, soccer and baseball fields…and into the ocean, where glory and lifestyle awaits. Hoping that in the not to far future, the low interest arm on the family mortgage come to pass, little Bobby or Sissy will have already inked a 7 figure contract, to bail them out!

THAT is why we developed the  DRIVER_3.0 Grom, To keep you out of foreclosure. By using our state of the art AKU shaper1000, to precisely scale down an exacting replica of the pro-size version…reduced down to fit the most lilliputian participant of Surf career Existentialism….But really, its just a great little board, that features all the same design details as the larger sizes, but painstakingly reduced to perform under the feet of young rippers, ready to elevate from basic roller coasters and direction changes, to more precise and radical maneuvers.

Available in both PU/PE, with a thin and lively stringer and also in our burgeoning build of LightSpeed_Grom, just for the kids. Less dense carbon, more flex and more sensitivity, for lighter kids, with skinny legs and less developed muscles.


4’6 15.88 2.00 15.00
4’7 16.00 2.03 15.50
4’8 16.38 2.06 16.25
4’9 16.50 2.08 17.00
4’10 16.75 2.09 17.75
4’11 17.00 2.10 18.50
5’0 17.13 2.13 19.25
5’1 17.25 2.13 19.75
5’2 17.38 2.15 20.25
5’3 17.50 2.18 21.00
5’4 17.75 2.20 21.75