This one comes from personal experience. Back to Fall 2012. I had been surfing The LazyBoy and Couch Potato as a one/two punch around home all summer. As the winter swells started lining up, I soon realized that these boards were not going to cut it, unless I wanted to spend my winter surfing between swells and in shadow blocked SC. So, starting with my trusty 6’0 LazyBoy, I stretched it to 6’2”, pulled in the width a bit, added a little more bend through the length of the board (with some flip tip for steeps and late drops) and finally…most noticeably, a re-templated rear half of the board into a conservative, surface area reducing, rounded pin tail. The end result looks a lot like a 1970′s era double ender, and considering the nose to tail vee panels, it kind of is. With a more refined and aggressive rocker, profile and rails this board is not just a blast from the past. Many successful surfs in solid California winter waves followed. I ended up regularly making custom orders based off the board, tentatively calling it The LazyToy Step Up. Now, after two years of fine tuning, we finally organized it into a stock model and gave it a name that fits. The “E-Z Up”. Jokingly named as a very easy way to step up into better waves, after riding boards like the Couch Potato or LazyToy as daily drivers. Interestingly, the board also works pretty damn well even in mediocre surf.


Updated, refined and revised for 2018. Strategically reduced overall volume, to improve performance, while still retaining the ease of use.

 The rails have been redesigned,with less volume in outer the perimeter, to provide more bite, drive and hold, eliminating much of the bulbous feel. The outline has been updated to have less curve through the center (making the outline more parallel) encouraging more drive, and confidence on fast, steep walls, and also adding glide across flat faces. The rocker and bottom curves were essentially left as is. We have hidden a bit more foam though the forward 1/3 of the board, to enable the now lower overall volume to still paddle as well as before. Basically, we have made this board perform better and still be a stable, easy to catch waves, forgiving board, but without so much excess volume.


5’4 19.00 2.38 26.25
5’5 19.13 2.40 27.25
5’6 19.25 2.45 28.25
5’7 19.50 2.50 29.75
5’8 19.75 2.53 31.00
5’9 19.88 2.56 32.00
5’10 20.00 2.56 33.00
5’11 20.25 2.63 34.50
6’0 20.38 2.63 35.50
6’1 20.50 2.66 36.75
6’2 20.75 2.70 38.25
6’3 20.88 2.75 39.75
6’4 21.00 2.75 40.75
6’5 21.25 2.84 43.00
6’6 21.50 2.88 45.00
6’7 21.63 2.88 46.00
6’8 21.75 2.88 47.00
6’9 21.88 2.90 48.25
6’10 22.00 2.94 49.75
7’0 22.00 3.00 51.50
7’2 22.00 3.00 53.00