Knowledge of your past to create a better future. The 1980’s, an era of functional, full volume boards with bright colors and a flashy, fun attitude that made summertime small wave ripping a piece of cake. That was the inspiration for this board. Taking design (both shape and art) direction from some of the hottest boards of the neon 80’s (McCoy, MR, Simon, Stussy, McElroy, Schroff and Rusty). By morphing together what I loved most about this era with a bit of what we have learned in modern times we came up with this “Blast from The Past”. The primary components are a low overall rocker, thickness generously distributed well into the nose and tail (and out into the rails), a conservative bottom with slight Vee in the nose to flat through the middle and slight double concave Vee out the tail. The extremely wide back half of theboard generates radical drive and lift, while the double bump “butt” tail adds control and smooth roll in and out of turns. Works great as quad or thruster so we stock with 5 fin plugs. This board is just too easy to have fun on. We highly recommend them with our assortment of classic 80′s air sprays to finish things off.