Influenced by the high volume, vee bottom, MR retro models. Without being tied to recreating boards from the past, we have developed this great post modern redux. The tip to tip vee bottom is a great, and mostly overlooked, design that allows thicker, high volume boards to still be sensitive rail to rail and not surf “flat”. Vee bottoms go through chop like a hot knife through butter and glide smoothly in windblown slop. The thickness, flat deck, and width makes it a great paddler. The steep rails and forward wide point provide drive and stability, and the pulled in nose tip with healthy amount of rocker allow for tight radius surfing not possible with typical “retro fish” boards. Also available as single wing, round pin tail (for a wider range of surf) as seen under the feet of Cory Lopez in the Cory’s Left segment in 5’5″ x 19 14″ REDUX.


5’6 19.50 2.25(27.0cl)
5’8 20.00 2.38 (29.9cl)
5’10 20.25 2.44 (31.8cl)
6’0 20.50 2.56 (34.5cl)
6’2 20.75 2.63 (36.7cl)
6’4 21.00 2.75 (39.6cl)