“A working man’s gun…  Loved by the Pros, but really meant for the Bros.  A great tool for taming big unruly beasts, even in challenging, imperfect conditions.”

The RETRO_GUN features low entry rocker with Rolled Vee (and lots of forward volume) and a classic “Beak” nose.  The Vee lessens through the center and increases again into an accelerated tail rocker, with deep double concave cutting through the tail curve.  The continuous Vee bottom enables a high-volume board to surf lower in the water and engage the rail.  It cleanly cuts through big, bumpy, chop or stiff offshore condition and allows for smooth, controlled, rail to rail surfing.  It easily remains in control at high speeds, in powerful surf.

Built standard with…

  • Strong (yet flexible) 4ply Redwood stringer
  • Thruster/Quad convertible fin set up.
  • Solid resin tinted 6oz and 4oz stronger glassing, for a beautiful board that lasts. – All new, model specific, minimalist logo package.

(Post Modern) RETRO GUN is loosely based off my original, personal guns from the late 1980’s. Now recently revamped and modernized with 30 years of knowledge, yet still retaining the original ’80’s design ethos.  Flat deck, steep full rails (with more edge) lower rockers with continuous vee, were the status quo.  Before the introduction of deep concaves cutting through hyper rocker minimalistic slippers of the 1990’s, the surfboards of the ’80’s were more user friendly.

High volume was high performance.

Our first modern “Retro Guns” were built a few years back, at the request of a friend (journalist, Lewis Samuels) up in Ocean Beach San Francisco.  He was looking for an advantage in negotiating OBs big, cold, open ocean landscapes.  Ironically, after seeing LS in action, on early Retros, it was quickly requested, and adopted by our “A” team of young hot shots like Kolohe, Ian Crane and (most notably) Luke Davis, while on road trips up north.  They now hold full quiver of Retro Guns, for attacking the same types of waves, and places like Sunset Beach, Hi.

More importantly, for the surfer used to spending most their time on higher volume, hybrid/fish designs in daily surf (but struggle to find a board that suits them when the waves get solid) the RETRO_GUN is an excellent tool to boost confidence and control in a raucous line up.  It easily replaces a standard gun, or large step up, but can be done with less length and more thickness without sacrificing control.

Over all, the Retro Gun, while loved by Pros, is really meant for the Bros. It’s a working man’s gun. A great tool for taming big unruly beasts, even in challenging, imperfect conditions.



6’6 19.00 2.63 34.50
6’8 19.25 2.66 36.50
6’9 19.38 2.72 38.00
6’10 19.50 2.75 39.00
6’11 19.63 2.75 40.00
7’0 19.75 2.85 42.00
7’2 20.00 2.88 44.00
7’3 20.00 2.90 45.00
7’4 20.13 2.94 46.00
7’6 20.13 3.00 48.00
7’8 20.25 3.00 49.50
7’10 20.38 3.00 51.00
8’0″ 20.50 3.03 53.00


6’2 18.38 2.50 30.00 Luke Davis
6’6 18.38 2.56 32.50 Luke Davis
6’10 18.50 2.63 35.50 Luke Davis
7’4 20.75 3.00 48.75 Matt Biolos
7’6 19.25 2.75 42.50 Mason Ho
8’0 19.50 2.88 48.00 Mason Ho
8’0 20.00 3.10 53.00 Strider Wasilewski
9’0″ 21.00 3.50 70.50 Strider Wasilewski