5’4 17.75 2.10 21.13 L
5’6 18.13 2.10 22.60 L
5’7 18.25 2.18 23.6 L
5’8 18.38 2.18 24.2 L
5’9 18.50 2.25 25.5 L
5’10 18.75 2.28 26.7 L
5’11 18.88 2.28 27.31 L
6’0 19.00 2.30 28.10 L


Our most recent work with Kolohe is a smash-up hybrid of the Sub Driver and Beach Buggy. Designed for surfing small waves with a “good wave” approach. Fast and foiled for on rail surfing, but full and forgiving for sub-par and sloppy surf. It’s the Sub Driver outline combined with the Beach Buggy rocker… then blended with a new foil. Refinements during the PRIME and WT comps have led us to this board that grovels well but is still a true high-performance board. It is fast becoming a go to fave for team riders looking for an edge in small wave contests, as well as the local crew around So-Cal, who are always ready for a something new. Now available in Domesticated and “Slim Dims”.



KOLOHE ANDINO: SUB-BUGGY from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.