A souped up, slimmed down, minimalist, high performance machine. Designed purely with feedback from skilled competitive surfers. Soon after getting the V2-SB under the feet of athletes, feedback started coming in. “It’s amazing, but…make me one that’s more HP..like a Whiplash or F1-Stub”. Working with Grom Phenom, Griffin Colapinto, and fast, light footed pro, Evan Gieselman, we started by importing a Whiplash type of outline onto the V2SB. Looking for more curve, we added nose rocker only in the forward 12-18” (Freeing it up in nose picks, tail first landings and radical direction changes). The rails are bit lower than the V2 and the concave in the tail more shallow…lending more control at high speeds and better to surf on a rail. All this combines for board specifically suited for above average surfers who want performance, unhindered by un-needed bulk or excess volume. Since its inception many WCT and WQS Athletes have adopted it as their go-to fave. Travis Logie, Coco Ho, Malia Manual, Balaram Stack, Luke Davis, the Gieselman Bros and a host of WQS Warriors, and amateur Supergroms like Griffin Colapinto and Kei Kobayashi use the V2-HP as their weapon of choice in most anything above 2’ dribble.


5’5” 17.75” 2.13” 21.65
5’7” 18.13” 2.18” 23.45
5’8” 18.25” 2.18” 24.00
5’9” 18.38” 2.18” 24.65
5’10” 18.50” 2.25” 25.75
5’11” 18.63” 2.25” 26.45
6’0” 18.75” 2.32” 27.60
6’1” 18.88” 2.32” 28.40
6’2” 19.13” 2.38” 29.85
6’4” 19.63” 2.63” 34.65