2014′s break out shortboard hit proved to be as equally embraced from the mini grom rads… to the Domesticated dads. Essentially hatching from the V2-Rocket. Its low entry rocker, coupled with a healthy amount of tail rocker, makes for a quick start and front foot drive, with snappy, precise rear footed turning. The curvaceous outline and smallish tail block hide a deceptively wide tail at 12”. This allows for a fast and stable board that still ”pushes back” but also fits well into tight hooks if asked. Immediately embraced by many WT and WQS surfers, big results and event wins started piling up. At the same time, once we started selling the beefed up “Domesticated” version, that my friends and I were riding, it quickly built a following coast to coast. Also available in a Round tail version.


5’8″ 18.50″ 2.2″ 24.18
5’9″ 18.63″ 2.25″ 25.32
5’10″ 18.75″ 2.25″ 25.93
5’11″ 18.88″ 2.32″ 27.33
6’0″ 19.00″ 2.38″ 29.54
6’1″ 19.25″ 2.38″ 29.85
6’2″ 19.50″ 2.5″ 31.81
6’4″ 20.00″ 2.63″ 35.15