…on his surfboard made by Matt Biolos at the …Lost factory in San Clemente. With most of the attention being focused on the title contenders Joel, Kelly, Mick and John John – Taj kinda quietly surfed his way into the final day with precision powerbest place to buy online

hacks and tight turns in the pocket. You can throw in a few fins free gaffs too. Taj started out the final with a big semi-layback power hack for a 7.17 then backed it up with a few text book snaps for a 5.9 score. It wasn’t a blowout by any means with previous winner Matt Wilkinson coming one completed turn short of possibly over taking Taj for the win. Looks like the title race will come down to Pipe. Congrats Taj. Stay posted to Mayhem’s Blog as we’re sure he’ll be posting some inside info soon.

From instagram.com/mayhemb3_mattbiolos:A trio of 5’10” 18.38 2.18″ TB Whiplashes used by Mr Burrow to take the CWC win ( All made for the Lowers event, and used through 1 month of European back breaking shore pound, but still in one piece) with glassed on fins, by Soar fin Co, in Australia.

Photo: STABMAG.COM/Ryan Miller