The Weekend Warrior is a reminiscent of our “Tri-Fish” and other “Rocket Fish” that were made in the 90’s. Featuring design elements that lead to a shorter, compact and effective small wave design that is high on volume, but holds and carries speed well, the Weekend Warrior (and its unique post modern tail design) is a blast from the past that contains elements from the future. These limited edition Weekend Warriors feature distinctive logo matching sprays, our exclusive white polypro tail mesh, and are all signed and numbered by Matt Biolos.

For anyone nervous about the funky/fancy tail, we offer this little ditty of Mr. Luke Davis putting a stock 5’5 Weekend Warrior (pulled from our inventory) through the paces at Rincon.

LUKE DAVIS – THE WEEKEND WARRIOR from Lost Enterprises on Vimeo.

Ian Crane: 5’8 Stock Weekend Warrior Photo: Taras

Same guy, same board, same session, same photographer.

Even the boss gets into the act. Matt Biolos, Lowers.