Video doesn’t lie and gone are the days a pro surfer with bad style, mediocre turns and sub-par tube riding could pull one over on the public and pass for world class through the illusion of photos. It’s not “photo sluts” anymore it’s “video sluts”. Here are some new vids from a few loose and promiscuous surfers that we think made the grade. Of course it helps they’re all riding our boards.

Evan Geiselman in New Smyrna Beach during a swell from Tropical Storm Dorian.

Clay Crandal Water Logged from Water Logged on Vimeo.

Huntington Beach’s Clay Crandal shies away from the summer crowds of his home town. But he does’t shy away from big Mexican barrels. Kid can ride the tube.

Ricardo Christie – Aotearoa from Damon Meade on Vimeo.

New Zealand big man Ricardo Christie. This guy is better than people know. Check his clips.

Teddy Navarro and Kalani Robb criss crossing and swapping GoPros.

Eric Geiselman at Lowers. Some waves on our boards and others not. Check the frontside varial thing he does.