What Does All Day Dylan Ride in the Mentawais? Dylan has been blowing minds since he was 5 years old but hit an entire new level once he came under the tutelage of Lost Surfboards’ Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. Flashback to Matt’s first trip with Dylan and the first boards Matt shaped for the little ripper.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series that focuses on Mayhem and the type of boards he suggests for the Mentawai. One of the biggest issues we see each week is our guests rocking up with the wrong boards and fighting with them during their dream trip to the Mentawais. We asked Matt to get in the middle of this and recommend what he suggests for everyone from groms to everyday guys to top level pros like Ian Crane. The result was a game changer with one of the top shapers in the world recommending the right quiver for our guests and having the boards waiting when you arrive to Kandui. – Ray Footage Courtesy of Kandui Resort Additional Footage: Manu Miguelez, Kandui Villas, One Breathe Images Music: The Stooges l I Wanna Be Your Dog The Velvet Underground l Ride into the Sun Iggy Pop l Gimme Danger