Guest contributor Kolohoe Andino shares his surfing inspirations on Whatyouth.com. Check out the videos that get him psyched to surf HERE. WHAT YOUTH RECOMMENDS 004

photo : Kai Neville

Kolohe Andino is in Brazil and will soon be en-route to Fiji, then Bali, then beyond — he won’t be home for another two months at least. We asked him to send us some things that make him psyched on the road. That was all we asked. And he sent back this very well-curated bit of shred history. “I kept it all surfing. I hope that’s okay,” he said. “I think groms will psyche.”

After the jump are Kolohe Andino’s recommendations for staying amped. A trip down memory lane for some, a trip down a whole new lane for others. Enjoy the show.

Tom Curren’s sego from 5’5’’ 19 1/4. Curren hand shapes his own board, shaves his head and then goes out and goes ballistic. For me, Tom has always had a “watch and learn” appeal. This section gets me pretty frothed to go out and do some down carves to stalls. His style is timeless and will never be replaced. Thank you.

Taj burrow’s film Montaj. From when I was about 6 to 12 years old I watched this at least once a day. My first favorite surfer. I remember I wanted to surf exactly like him. Knock knee, the back hand. The airs. The chicks. This movie helped form me as a surfer today.

Mick Fanning’s Fanning the Fire. From age 12 all I wanted was to do that forehand wrap. So quick. So tight it the pocket. So different. So on rail. This guy still inspires me so much. Last week in Rio he was just getting me so psyched. I love his work ethic. Every time I go to the shoulder I think of his twisting carve in the pocket and try to imitate it. I watched this movie a lot.

This is the last section in Mixed Tape. Bobby going HAM. My recent love for rap makes this video the complete package. Bobby’s got every thing. His gangster feel on the wave gets me excited. The ending barrel to this section absolutely baffles me. I wish he was still on tour. We miss you Bobby.

The best of Andy Irons. Enough said.