Last week Zeke Lau won the coveted NSSA Open Mens title on a board shaped by Matt Biolos at the …Lost factory in San Clemente. He also used …Lost future fins for the entire event.

Check out MAYHEM’S BLOG to see what kind of boards he was on.

Here’s the story from SURFLINE about the event

Ezekiel “Zeke” Lau, recently won the prestigious Open Men’s title after a virtual lifetime spent surfing NSSA heats. Every year it seems, there is one surfer at the NSSA National Championships who just looks better than everyone else. Faster. Looser. More polished and more mature. With a healthy pack of family and friends on the beach, Zeke was that surfer in Huntington Beach. And once you’re the best in the league, it’s time to move up to the bigs.
If you watch the event’s highlight reel, you will find Zeke draped in the Hawaii state flag atop his friends’ shoulders. He’s pointing to the sky. Maybe he’s thanking God. Or maybe he’s signaling where he’s off to next:

“Up there, in an airplane. To El Salvador, or Africa, or wherever… just so long as there are ASP points waiting for me there.”

That’s how a pro surfer thinks. There’s no time for long goodbyes.

Zeke was punting all day on his Mayhem shape

His super man was a crowd favorite

Zeke has the full repertoire: airs, railwork, style, Hawaiian, etc.

Brother and Zeke discussing equipment